Olive oil is an essential ingredient in the food processing industry. It is used to produce a number of food products such as margarine, chips, dips, canned fish,  salad sauces, other sauces, etc. It is also used as a raw material in the production process of other industries such as: 

  • Cosmetics and toiletries: e.g. lotions, skin oils, creams, soaps. 
  • Pharmaceutical: as a base for plasters and other      products, carrier for active ingredients, soft gelatine  capsules, nose sprays. 
  • Veterinary: pet food industry. 
  • Detergent industries for cleaning and hygiene.

For the industrial use, olive oil    is   exported in bulk. CHO GROUP is actually the biggest exporter for bulk  extra virgin olive oil in Tunisia and one of the biggest suppliers in the world. For this industrial use, CHO GROUP offers the brand BULK by CHO® with a wide  variety of olive oil profiles.

BULK by CHO®is widely distributed in France, USA, and Canada. 

We, at EOM GREEN Trading, will be happy to fulfill the UK market’s need.